Once you set your feet on African soil, meet her friendly sons and daughters, and behold her enchanting nature and wildlife, you will keep coming back for more. Therefore, what a privilege it is to be born and raised in Africa. But, do you know you can Afronize your home?

As Brian Jackman once said, Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. For that reason, our African identity is not only dictated by the origin of our ancestors, but also by our environment, experiences, and more.

One of the best ways to ensure that you keep the sweet and nostalgic memories of your African experiences is by Afronizing your home. This entails bringing African elements to your living space. The extent to which different people will want to go to showcase their Africanness varies.

While some don’t mind having their home look like pre-colonial Africa, others want the display to be subtle. Regardless of which side you belong to, we have found elements that will come in handy for your home.

The importance of Afronizing your space

If you are an African or African diaspora living miles and miles away from home then you know how bad homesickness can be. Just imagine meeting somebody from your home country just when you feel and think you cannot bear the homesickness anymore.

Afronizing your home will make it easier for other people from your country or ethnicity to locate you since they will recognize the symbols of your heritage.

In addition, Afronizing your home gives a personalized touch to your living space and reflects your personal taste and style. It is also a way of promoting black pride and celebrating the rich and jubilant African culture.

In addition to that, Afronizing your home creates a sense of community and belonging which is a very crucial need in human beings.

African head figurine will help you to Afronize your home(Photo credit Smadeer Store Amazon)
Photo credit: Smadeer Store/Amazon

1| African figurine for shelf 

The dark shade and flawless skin of an African evoke a feeling of awe in many.

There is no better way of celebrating this beauty than by Afronizing your home with an African figurine on your shelf.

You can also accentuate your desk, windowsill, or tables with these awesome African figurines.

African face masks can help you to Afronize your home Photo credit Novica Store
Photo credit: Novica Store

2| African wall mask

Traditionally, African masks were used for ceremonial and cultural practices.

Today, these beautifully painted wooden or metallic pieces, often embellished with shiny ornaments are used for décor purposes.

Afronize your home by hanging your favorite masks on the walls to give your rooms a cultural vibe.

Throw pillow is a great addition to Afronizing your home
Photo credit SiuSue/Amazon

3| African throw pillow

Throw pillows have a tendency of exuding comfort and warmth wherever they are placed. Add an African kind of warmth to your sitting room, bedroom, or wherever desired by covering your pillows with African art print pillowcases. They can also make a perfect gift for your loved ones during this holiday season.

Photo credit: LB Store Amazon

4| Framed wall art

Art has a way of calming fraying nerves. African art goes a notch higher and adds that sense of belonging that we all crave.

Add your favorite pieces to your sitting room, bedroom, living area, or office to have that African aura all around you all year long.

Photo credit: Lescafita Store/Amazon

5| Figurine candle holder

The yellow dancy amber of a candle lit on a quiet night is soothing for the heart. Little wonder burning candles find their way easily on romantic dinner tables and at other emotional events.

Why don’t you make your candle-lit event memorable and nostalgic by adding African figurine candle holders?

Photo credit: Lescafita Store/Amazon

6| Figurine ashtray

Do you have an upcoming anniversary, wedding, birthday, or family get-together this holiday season? Are you wondering how you will create some vibrancy in your home or reception area? Worry no more. Get unique African figurine ashtrays to exude your African heritage and perfectly portray your style and taste.

Photo credit: Design Toscano Store/Amazon

7| Toscano Elephant coffee table

When you want to Afronize your home, think of your sitting room too. Your sitting room or living area needs to be a place of great relaxation.

Imagine enjoying your favorite cup of coffee from a unique coffee table that transports your mind back to Africa and its beautiful nature. There is no better experience than this, whether you are in Africa or far away.

Photo credit: Himalayan CrystalLitez/Amazon

8| Safari-themed Himalayan salt lamp

A long day’s work can leave you extremely exhausted. You can change that nasty feeling in a moment.

A unique African safari-themed salt lamp which is also an essential oil diffuser and mood booster will see you up and full of energy in no time.

So, Afronizing your home can be more than just an aesthetic journey.

Photo credit: Abucaky/Amazon

9| African-themed wall clock

How many times do you throw a glance at your wall clock in a day? Now, imagine having an intricately made African-themed wall clock. Would you still glance at it or would you enjoy watching the hands doing their rounds on its face? Get one and find out.

Photo credit: Ambesonne Store/Amazon

10| Tribal tablecloth

Tables are very important pieces of furniture that find their way into all our spaces; at home, offices, and restaurants just to name a few.

Adding a tribal tablecloth to your dining table at home or restaurant will give your diners a special African experience with little effort.

You can also decorate conference tables with these African print tablecloths or use them as table liners on your coffee table or on any other surface.

Photo credit: Numland/Amazon

11| Chair cover

How many hours in a day do you spend sitting down? That depends on various factors including your age and career. When you Afronize your home with cultural chair cover it literally means sitting on your culture all those times.

Give an extra vibe to your sitting time at home by adding African-themed chair covers to your chairs. Not only will your chairs and space gain a colorful and vibrant look but they will also be protected from dirt and rampant tear and wear.

Photo credit: NTBED Store/Amazon

12| Black girl bedding set

If you value your sleeping time, then your bedroom should be a priority when you are planning to Afronize your home. Take your bedroom space a notch higher by adding a black girl bedding set on your bed. It is almost akin to taking a piece of Africa to sleep. 

Photo credit: Britimes Store/Amazon

13| Bathroom mat

After an invigorating hot bath, enjoy the soft feel of a thick highly absorbent African print bathroom mat right at the door of your bathroom or just right next to your bathtub.

Apart from Afronizing your bathroom area, this mat does a great job in protecting your feet from the cold floor and keeps moisture off your floor.

Photo credit: 9CH/Amazon

14| Living room rug

If you have been to Africa, then you have experienced many mind-blowing and captivating scenarios that are worth remembering in an entire lifetime.

What’s a better way of bringing this memory to your sitting room or living room than Afronizing your home with an African sunset living area rug? 

Photo credit: Senya Store/Amazon

15| Kitchen rug

Your kitchen is a salient room in your home. It is where meals that supply our bodies with the necessary nutrients are prepared. Therefore, making your kitchen comfortable is not a luxury but a necessity. It should be one of the first places you should start when Afronizing your home.

Adding an African-themed non-slip mat will Afronize your kitchen area perfectly and at the same time ensure that you are comfortable while preparing those delicious meals for your family. 

Photo credit: Glanra Store/Amazon

16| African cups

As you take a rest on your comfy couch on a hot afternoon or curl up on your lazy seat on a cold evening, imagine taking your favorite beverage from a unique African-themed cup or glass.

Whether your drink is cold or hot you will have a special experience as you flashback on your African experience or look forward to having one.

Photo credit: Fair Goods/Amazon

17| Juneteenth dinnerware set

The way to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach. How true is that statement? When Afronizing your home, every little detail can make a difference.

Anyway, a delicious meal in a cool and inviting environment is everybody’s desire. Unique dining sets on your dining table can greatly increase your appetite and mood.

In case you have an event that you would like to Afronize, Juneteenth biodegradable dinner set is a perfect addition.

Photo credit: Omaqa/Amazon

18| Burkina Faso hand fan

Hot summer afternoons can be uncomfortable sometimes, especially if you are indoors. A little cooling can go a long way. Having African-themed hand fans will come in handy in such scenarios. They are also a perfect way of displaying your taste and style.

Photo credit: Hipaopao/Amazon

19| Shower curtain set

As you look forward to that refreshing moment in your bathroom, let the beautiful African-themed shower curtain set welcome you. The waterproof curtains will also prevent your space from moisture and dampness.

Photo credit: Ambesonne Store/Amazon

20| Living room window drapes

There is a pleasant feeling when you get into a beautifully designed living room. It rejuvenates the body and mind.

To up your living room décor, hang Ambesonne African curtains to add color and reverberance to your space and at the same time achieve your Afronizing goal for this holiday season.

Photo credit: Things2Die4/Amazon

21| Garden light

Rudyard Kipling once said that gardens are not made by singing “Oh, how beautiful,” and sitting in the shade. Indeed that is true because gardens require a lot of work and attention.

Afronizing your garden with cute African Elephant lantern holders will bring the very nature right into your garden. With these decorations, you will always enjoy sitting under the shade in your garden after attentively attending to it.


Did you know that the term Afronizing or Afronize was coined by Alice Walker, an American author? It was first featured in her book In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens in 1983.

She went ahead to Afronize her home by adding African textiles, masks, and sculptures. Furthermore, she decorated her walls with earth-tone paint.

If for any reason you are unable to visit Africa this holiday season, you can bring Africa to wherever you are by including important African elements in your home. Is there any other way you can Afronize your home that we missed? Do let us know.

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